Seeking Advice for Building an Electrical System for Adjustable lifting system of a car Project

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Hello everyone ,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on a interdisciplinary project with mechanical students that involves designing an electrical system to control multiple components. While I have a general idea of the components needed, I could use some guidance on the finer details. I am not so good in acdemic knowledge but i am assigned to do this job. I know how to use an arduino a little bit, at the past i have designed a park sensor with it. Here's a brief overview of my project:

Project Overview: An electronic system that includes adjustable height of a car with 3 different modes (sport, normal, and offroad) , and I am in the process of designing the electrical system to control height of the wehicle based on these modes. For the electronics part, we will build a system, to change the chassis dynamics physically, specified for both offroad and sport mode. The system will be controlled by a switch from inside. We are planning to add three mods; Normal, track and Off-road. By changing these modes, the car will be set to defined heights. With the help of the hydraulics systems (or anything you suggest) controlled by pressure sensors and pumps these modes will be changed electronically.

Challenges Faced: I'm particularly struggling with electronic system design of it. I built a chematics to understand it better. It can be changed nothing is clear right now.
Any insights or advice from your experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. I am eager to learn from your experiences and expertise. Any recommendations, tips, or resources you can provide will be incredibly valuable to me as I work on this project.

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