Electric locks with mikro C


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That´s a picture of a front plate, with a few buttons and 7 segment displays. You don´t really need any wiring or C code for that.
However, if you want the front plate to actually do something, then you need to say what is it supposed to be doing.

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I tried to solve but fail , at least you can help me with a start ?

1. 4-digit PIN code is written using buttons B1 -B4 . Each such increment corresponding number button of the desired 1. After code has been written will press the ENTER button PIN verification ;
2. LED will be lit for 3 seconds if the input value corresponds to that stored in memory and will flash for three seconds if the input value differs from the stored ;
3. if the pin has been entered incorrectly 5 times when the lock will not accept code entry , LED blinking continuously . Think of a way to reset ;
4. significant comment out the line of code ;
5. The project must include circuit and figures in various stages of operation.