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In need of a new electric fuel pump https://bestarny.com/electric-fuel-pumps-for-carb/ . Mine puts out to much fuel and it flood the carbs all the time. I need a about 2 1/2 psi I think for the whole thing.
I have a 02 yamaha r6. istead of a regulator I run a bypass.

I just need a electric fuel pump that is perfect for my micro sprint that will put out just the right amount of fuel to get to my motor.

Any ideas from you guys on what fuel pump I need to buy.

Racing next week.

please help

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But with the tank above the carburetor, should not need one.
That would be true for most bikes. But many of the "racing" bikes what looks like a gas tank is in reality an air filter box and the gas tank is under the seat or in another spot lower that the carb.


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On cars there is always more pump capacity than the engine can use, with the excess circulating back to the tank so that there are no bubbles getting to the fuel injection system. The same was used for carbs. All you need is a pressure relief valve set to hold the pressure that the carb requires. You must keep solid fuel in the lines on an EFI engine to avoid lean problems, like blowing the heads off from detonation. But that is for dragster engines, 8000RPM and 1600HP. On regular cars the problem was vapor lock.