ebook reader Asus DR-900W schematics

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Hi to everyone, i have this fantastic ebook reader from 2010 that workes just fine for over 9 year, but a month ago the touch screen stopped working, I replaced the screen (OEM screen+digitalizer from AUO) but it has the same problem. I cecked the board but it seems all fine and the reading that i got was normal on the check point of the MB.
I do not want to toss it away for a new one because no-one produces 10" ebook reader again or they are incredibly expensive for no reason.
Here in Italy Asus is useless because they did't know that they have produced and sell ebook reader and they usually do not use the schematics for repair, they replace the entire board.
I was not able to find the schematics of the MB or the service manual, can you help me?
The eereader is an ASUS DR-900W made in 2010-2011
the MB has the following s.n.: AS090B00 4H.12601A06 (on the back E89382 HANNSTAR J MV-4 94V-0 1047)

I attach the pictures of the front/rear of the MB and the two display (older L, newer R)