1. M

    How to we can Use CDC-ACM connection in android devices for flashing them ? PLZ help me

    my pixel 6 is unbricked so win7 & ubuntu DM detect my phone as pixel CDC-ACM device in VM box : i will appreciate any try
  2. P

    ebook reader Asus DR-900W schematics

    Hi to everyone, i have this fantastic ebook reader from 2010 that workes just fine for over 9 year, but a month ago the touch screen stopped working, I replaced the screen (OEM screen+digitalizer from AUO) but it has the same problem. I cecked the board but it seems all fine and the reading that...
  3. P

    Blown Inductors on a Dell Laptop Board

    Hello everyone, first thread here, I have cracked open a Dell XPS13 9350 that I've diagnosed the motherboard being dead. It's my mothers old laptop. I figured this would be a good chance to learn more about the micro parts on a board. Upon taking it apart, I found some blown inductors (atleast...
  4. The diy pc guy

    Motherboard part

    Good day , i have a DIB75L-LENA board from an Acer Sapphire X995 that got short circuited ( a screw on the Graphic Card flew down while trying to tighten it up while the computer was running) and there is a part that got desoldered @R451 , need some help identifying the part and some tips and if...
  5. K

    Diagnosing/repairing a Laptop motherboard?

    Hey guys! First time posting here! I have an Alienware 17 R3 laptop that I picked up broken to see if it was repairable (I like learning new skills). All signs point to a short on the motherboard, I plugged in the charger and the blue LED on the charger cable goes out immediately if I attempt to...