1. G

    Supermicro 10xDRI-t SMD components and their values

    I have a Supermicro 10xDRI-t and in the ill fate it happened that I dropped it and on the way down it scraped on a screwdriver before I caught it. After inspecting the board I found 2 missing and 1 damages cap (one of the missing ones could have been a transistor). Does anybody know where can I...
  2. Wikked

    Need help with a diode question on a ASRock B550AM AMD motherboard

    Hello, I bought a motherboard in hopes to fix it; I've been working with electronics for most of my life, soldering for about two years now and fixing games and electronics for a little more than a year. I was hoping to use this motherboard, I bought it cheap on Ebay and fix these three simple...
  3. solivagant56

    No power supply in laptop.

    Here's what I know so far. The AC adapter is fine, the DC jack in laptop is fine. The battery is fine as well. The issue I am facing is that the battery would stop charging in between and the system would keep switching back and forth from DC to AC and then DC again and then would finally turn...
  4. tootoo

    Why is my Hoverboard Motherboard Making This Sound When Powering After Discharge?

    YouTube video with the sound What is this sound, and why does it happen? After discharging the motherboard (turning it on without a power source), and then powering it with a battery, it makes that high pitched noise (before the buzzer beep). Is it the capacitors charging? It makes the same...
  5. M

    How to we can Use CDC-ACM connection in android devices for flashing them ? PLZ help me

    my pixel 6 is unbricked so win7 & ubuntu DM detect my phone as pixel CDC-ACM device in VM box : i will appreciate any try
  6. P

    ebook reader Asus DR-900W schematics

    Hi to everyone, i have this fantastic ebook reader from 2010 that workes just fine for over 9 year, but a month ago the touch screen stopped working, I replaced the screen (OEM screen+digitalizer from AUO) but it has the same problem. I cecked the board but it seems all fine and the reading that...
  7. P

    Blown Inductors on a Dell Laptop Board

    Hello everyone, first thread here, I have cracked open a Dell XPS13 9350 that I've diagnosed the motherboard being dead. It's my mothers old laptop. I figured this would be a good chance to learn more about the micro parts on a board. Upon taking it apart, I found some blown inductors (atleast...
  8. The diy pc guy

    Motherboard part

    Good day , i have a DIB75L-LENA board from an Acer Sapphire X995 that got short circuited ( a screw on the Graphic Card flew down while trying to tighten it up while the computer was running) and there is a part that got desoldered @R451 , need some help identifying the part and some tips and if...
  9. K

    Diagnosing/repairing a Laptop motherboard?

    Hey guys! First time posting here! I have an Alienware 17 R3 laptop that I picked up broken to see if it was repairable (I like learning new skills). All signs point to a short on the motherboard, I plugged in the charger and the blue LED on the charger cable goes out immediately if I attempt to...