Looking for a an ebook or the real thing.

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Hey guys.
The title of the book is "How to Design, Build, & Test Complete Speaker Systems", by David Weems, published by TAB Books, 1978
I was trying to register for ebook at a site but they say they are not authorized for this region which I am in.
I really would love to have this book.
Like to know if any one can get it for me.
We can discuss the terms.
ebook or real book no problem.
This the actual book

I do have an amazon account but somehow I get issues to shipping to my country.
And yes the price quite a bit for me but I think I can save some.
Suggestions welcome.
By the way I wasn't sure where to post this thread.



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Abe Books is without a doubt one of the premiere booksellers and my favorite. Get Textbooks is my favorite bookfinder. It searched 361 booksellers and found many copies in various condition from New to Used and 4 different editions in both soft and hard bound.
Very Good is like new used.