EasyEDA Bugs

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I spent 3 days drawing a schematic and converted it to a PCB using EasyEDA. I got 90% of the project finished and all my traces disappered from the PCB screen but showup in 3D view. In addition during the convertion some of the rat tail line are incorrectly going to wrong pads, trying to remove and replace them to the correct pads to no avail, hopeing someone is an expert that can help me fix PCB layout.

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Did you perform a Check Nets prior to the first conversion to a PCB? Did you receive any warnings? How did you correct those warnings?
Have you checked them after your problem started ? What are the new warnings?

Jon Chandler

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Try closing the board and schematic files and use task manager to shut down EasyEDA.

When you restart and open the files, everything should be ok again.

If not, I believe you can log in via the EasyEDA web page and roll back to a previous version of the files.