Dummy load 1200watt/4ohm


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What do you intend to use the load for?

At low frequency (into the low tens of kilohertz range, at most), wire wound resistors are OK, but they do have significant inductance which can be an issue at high frequency. Some are wound to reduce the inductance. Connecting many in parallel reduces the effective inductance. The Caddock resistor at brutus's link will have low inductance because of the way they are made, but they are also rather expensive and have much lower transient overload handling ability than wirewound resistors.

Big "tubular ceramic" wire wound resistors will withstand being operated at full power without forced air flow, but they will also get hot enough to cause burns. 225 W rated tubular ceramic types are generally fairly inexpensive and easy to get. Higher power types are less common.

Any resistor that has what looks like a heatsink enclosure will probably require forced air cooling if it is operated continuously at full power.

https://www.ohmite.com › Power Resistors › Resistor Mounting


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If you and get a 3KW 110V bar heater, or 2 x 1500 watt ones on parallel, that should work ok. And a bar heater can radiate the heat away as that is what it is designed to do. Otherwise you will need to get rid of the heat somehow, like air or water cooled.
Maybe an electric hot water heater? I don't know the powers available, but it may be worth a look. Getting rid of 1200Watts of heat will be the trick.