100w dummy load resistor

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I want to make RF dummy load from aluminium 100w 50 ohm resistor. Is one resistor is enough for making it for 100watt load?
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Won’t work. That resistor is wirewound and inductive. Not suitable for RF.
IMHO, the best way to do it is with several larger resistances in parallel so that each resistor can dissipate a portion of the 100W. You can use Manhattan style construction on an FR4 epoxy glass board with copper on one side and mount it inside a paint can with an RF connector of your choice.

4 x 200 Ω of these would work pretty well



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I made an audio dummy load by soldering a large number of 1206 resistors to a piece of aluminium-substrate pcb.
That might work for RF, or there might be too much capacitance to the substrate.


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Once I had to use the 2 kW 50 Ohm dummy load. I obtained the due count of larger non-inductive resistors and soldered between two plates body to body in chess like, if memory tells right 30x40 pieces parallel. As the thermal photography shown bit overheating for inside mounted, I set the line of micro fans thought 40x40 or 50x50 mm. Later it served well for the years to set the air pressure ICP plasma ignition generators.


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Won’t work. That resistor is wirewound and inductive. Not suitable for RF.
Look up the data sheet. Digikey has "non inductive resistors" that look just like that.

I have used gold non inductive resistors like that in less than 100W and put them in a gallon of mineral oil. That pulls out the heat.

I use resistors in TO-220 and TO-247 packages that are good at RF. What frequency?
Can not find the data sheet now. to-220 This is close but I use the fully insulated version.

Found it. allied

In my HAM days we built 1000w loads like this.
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