DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope not turning on

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If anyone has knownlegde about the DSO138, help would be much appreciated!

My problem is that it wont turn on. It's presoldered, so it's right out of the box. When i apply my 9V DC power supply it's just black screen, nothing happends. The thing is that this is the second one i receive from the company i ordered from. The first one also did not turn on. I tried 3 different supplies, all 9V but one with 150mA one with 200mA and one with 400mA. The supplier doesn't know anything about it and cant help. Am i doing something wrong? because as far as i can tell from tutorials and things i read, it's suppose to turn on when applied with a power supply.


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Thanks for the replies. Polarity is correct. I have not measured voltages, but i'll try and find a 12V instead of a 9V and see if it works. 9V battery didn't work..


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Try the 9V supply again.
Measure the voltage output when not plugged into the DSO138.
Measure the voltage with DSO138 plugged in.
Measure voltages at all regulators.


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When using a battery, if it can not supply enough voltage, the screen will light up but the processor will not run.
When you connect a supply, does the screen light up white? Do you see anything at all?


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Just checked mine & @ 9V it draws 200Ma. If the voltage drops to 8V the processor doesnt work. Check you actualy have 9V at the unit.