Drum switch usage 220 volt single phase motor

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Rich Miller

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Trying to find out if this wiring will work for Smith and Jones 2HP (Harbor freight Motor) Wanting to run it on 220 volts with drum switch, Single phase. I am restoring an older engine lathe and had to replace the switch and motor, I need this to be able to run forward and reverse. Rotary switch positions and wiring from inside of motor cover is on the drawing. I Would like to wire it correctly and be able to share the results on the net. I have found a few other wiring drawings that were not correct and want to be sure.View attachment 239427
According to everything I have been able to find my new drawing will work, I even emailed the guy on YouTube for his opinion, I added a main cut off switch for those who hard wire their motor, for me I have a plug 3 feet away from machine so I can unplug it when servicing the machine. My field is manufacturing and some machine maintenance, plus Medical X-ray equipment. This project was for a home shop and for my use only. I hope this helps someone figure out this type of questions for their use. Please remember this took about 4 weeks and half a dozen different posts to come up with this information.
Thank you for all your help, have fun, be creative, and stay safe my friends