drum switch with 2 limit switches

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I built a bifold hangar door that used cable and a winch attached to the rafter for lifting. It was probably similar to your folding stairs. A rotary limit switch was attached to the end of the drum axil. It could be set for multiple turns and had adjustable stops for open and closed (i.e., down). I let the cables go just a little slack in the down position to take strain off the winch.


I too am wiring a bifold hanger door. I will use a 1hp reversible motor with a drum switch. I want limit switch to stop the door at the top and a limit switch to stop the door motor at the bottom. Can you advise me as to how to accomplish this? Attached is the wiring diagram for the drum switch.



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A couple of questions:

Are you willing to add a contactor to switch the motor off (so that the limit switches carry the coil current of the contactor; not the actual motor current)?

Do you want the limit-switch wiring to be low voltage so that you do not have to run it in conduit?

Ps, I have a hangar with a bifold door