Drive several NMOS as switches

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This is my first post!

I am working on a project where a need to use MOSFET's as switches.
Driving a sigle MOSFET on should not be a really big problem. The problem arrises when a want to connect several MOSFET's in series like in the picture.
I want to use the MOSFET as switches. But the current that goes through the "switch" should by isolated from the ground of the control signals from the switch.

I know one has to take special care with the Vds and Vgs. But without a good reference, I dont know how to begin.

Could someone explain to the things I should take into account? This schematic is just to test the concept, at the end, I need to have around 100 MOSFET's connected as in the diagram!

PS. I know this diagram has no meaning, as the there should be always a short circuit. But I made this to make sure I know when the MOSFET is on.

Thanks for you help in advance!