Drill Bosch PSR 1200 Nicad to Lithium conversion

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I pulled these batteries from a laptop.

Can i use these to convert my nicad drill to lithium? With a bms chip as shown in the following picture?

Are laptop batteries high current drain batteries? And therefore safe to use?


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This is a used laptop battery ??? If so I would check them first ... need to be charged up , left a few days to make sure they hold voltage , and then measure capacity ...

These will be fairly high drain and OK for a drill ... I assume the current nicad is about 12V?? , if so the lithium will be fine wired as in the picture above ..

I guess you have 6 cells , match them so the three pairs have close to the same capacity ... if you have 7 good cells you could have two lots wired as pairs , and put 3 weaker cells in parallel , the aim is to get the three parallel wired blocks with the same AHr , it doesn't matter how many cells in each block.

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These will be fairly high drain and OK for a drill ...
I have 6 cells indeed, they are in quite good condition.

But why do poeple on the internet, keep saying that laptop batteries aren't high drain batteries like the sony vtc5... And therefore unsafe to use in a drill.

Can't find any specsheets of these laptop batteries either. So i am kinda confused when it comes to this matter.

Do i use these batteties for this purpose or not?

Anyone else woh can confirm thats is safe to use the laptop batteries?


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Volts are volts, as long as they are DC I see no reason they won't work. They will not hurt your drill how long they may last is another thing, but that has to do with the battery Ah rating. The big thing with batteries like this is to use the proper charger for the battery chemistry.