DPAK would the correct footprint dimensions please stand up

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I have looked at a lot of DPAK packages from different manufacturers. It appears the dimensions for the footprint are different for different manufacturers! Am I missing something or is this just the way it is? So it appears I have to make a custom footprint of every DPAK part. I can't imagine that is true. I thought is was supposed to be a standard? What am I missing?


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I have made footprints that are compiled from several data sheets so that all the DPAKs will fit.
DPAK can be a transistor, MOSFET, GaN mosfet, resistor, voltage regulator, etc
I see that the size and placement of the two small pads are different so I make the pads a little longer.
I have seen one big heatsink rectangle or a had full of small pads added together. (solder paste differences)
Then there "hand solder" vs "machine solder" pads.
I think I just modified what my CAD program gave me. (small amount)