Doubt on Signal Processing Stage

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I am trying to implement some signal processing on sensor data for detecting tiny movement. the signal processing is doing on iq signals. In the source code I have some doubts that . Here I am adding the portion of Python Code . Can anyone please explain the following signal processing, and the significance of that, please describe what each term indicate

Envelope = np.abs(PresentSample)
Delta = PresentSample * np.conj(PreviousSample)
PhaseWeights = np.imag(Delta)
Weights = np.abs(PhaseWeights) * Envelope
DeltaDist =, np.angle(Delta))
DeltaDist *= 2.5 / (2.0 * pi * sum(Weights))

Present and prev samples are 1D array consisting of iq samples. For each processing . Is Delta is cross correlation ? Please give explanation for rest of the codes Why multiply the DetltaDist ?


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Maybe you will get more of a response if you explain in English what the process involves. Many electronics types don't know much about Python.


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These are apparently parameters for some algorithm. We know nothing about the algorithm, so how can you exoect us to know what they mean?

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Ok I will explain the functions.
Present and Previous samples are the IQ data points from a sensor.
np.abs(PresentSample) : means taking the Amplitude of the Present Samples
np.conj(PreviousSample) : means taking the conjugate of PreviousSample
np.angle(Delta) : means taking the Imaginary part of Delta, which is a complex form
I want to know the signal processing logic behind thus, why we multiply with conjugate like that


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Multiplication of a complex value by its conjugate computes the square of the magnitude of the complex quantity by eliminating the imaginary part.

\( (a+jb)(a-jb)\;=\;a^2+jab-jab-j^2b^2\;=a^2+b^2 \)


\( M\;=\;\sqrt{a^2+b^2} \)