signal processing

  1. V

    Doubt on Signal Processing Stage

    I am trying to implement some signal processing on sensor data for detecting tiny movement. the signal processing is doing on iq signals. In the source code I have some doubts that . Here I am adding the portion of Python Code . Can anyone please explain the following signal processing, and the...
  2. J

    Fliege Notch Filter Transfer Function Help

    Hello! I am a student who would greatly appreciate some help determining the transfer function T(s) of a Fliege Notch Filter. I have attached a general schematic below, and have listed the values I will be using. To clarify, Voltage-in is the left side, and Voltage-out is the right side R1 =...
  3. wazev

    Aliasing not sure how to plot.

    Alright, so I have a sinus-signal with A = 1, F = 3Hz. 3 Hz means it repeats itself 3 times/second. Then I have a sample frequency of 5 Hz, and if you do theoretical calculations, you get Falias = 5-3 = 2Hz. My problem? I'm not sure how it should be plotted on the actual graph? (the sample...
  4. G

    Component choices and general advice for a sensor fusion device for soil quality measurement

    For a university project, I am designing and am further required to build a sensor fusion device for soil quality measurement in agricultural soil. The device will measure the volumetric water content (VWC) in the soil, the temperature of the soil and the light levels that the soil is exposed...
  5. T

    is the order of IIR filter proportional to the group delay?

    I know that the group delay of filter made in chain is proportionnal to the total group delay. I want to know the relationship between the group delay of fitler of order 2 and 3 ?
  6. T

    Good Online/Books to learn DSP for work?

    I have already studied DSP in my Master degree. However, As I am starting a job where a good percentage of my work is to design DIGITAL FILTERs, I still feel like I don't know that much on DSP and I really need to become a good engineer in this topic and take it to another level rather than...
  7. G

    HW Interface to detect Radio Control Receiver PWM signal

    I am using an Arduino Pro Mini to detect a PWM signal from a radio control receiver. The input pin on the Arduino is supposed to be limited to 20mA current with a max current of 40mA. I plan on using a 220 ohm resistor in the circuit. Do I need a .1uF cap to ground (and what kind of cap)...
  8. J

    Extracting filter coefficients from fdatool IIR filter object

    Hi everyone, I have designed an IRR filter in fdatool but since I can't export the coefficients as a vector into the workspace, I exported the filter as an object. The problem is that when I open the object, I have 3 arrays stored in it (ScaleValues, States and sosMatrix). Please, could someone...