DIY FM Transmitter works only if I touch the antenna wire.

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Keeri Vasu

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Hello everyone,
I built a FM transmitter (schematic and board attached) and found that it is transmitting at 99.9 MHz currently. I used a 10 cm wire as antenna (taken from cat6 utp cable). However I'm able to hear the voice in radio "only if I touch" the antenna wire. Without a touch there is full of noise.
I tried putting the circuit inside a plastic enclosure (as seen in the picture) and kept it away from human presence just to avoid any capacitance of our hands, with no luck. The voice is very low with full of noise. The moment I touch the antenna wire or battery clip the transmission and voice is clear and loud.
Please advise what else need to be done to make it right.

I did a search on existing threads but couldn't find a matching problem.

Thanks in advance.
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When you touch the antenna, you become the antenna. I think the little green coiled wire is not a good antenna. It will be much better if it is straight (not coiled). If straightening the wire does not help, Try with a 75cm antenna (straight wire). This is a "quarter wave" of your 99.9 MHz signal.


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Just a guess, but there is a good chance that your transmitter is not tuned to the receiver's frequency except when you touch the wire. The added capacitance of your hand on the antenna lowers the frequency of oscillation. Solution: tune the receiver to a higher frequency and/or re-tune the oscillator coil.

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Keeri Vasu

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Thank you everyone for the findings and advises. I'm now checking all these points.
You guys are awesome !! Much appreciated.


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This kind of transmitter is very low power and generally very unstable unless left somewhere. Normally when these types of transmitter actually work, when you touch the antenna the transmission frequency changes drastically.

Having said that, I agree with DickCappels that it might be on a different frequency most likely lower end as C4 & C5 seem to be a bit on the higher values and when you touch the antenna you detune/change frequency.