DIY Component tester


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Interesting. Do you get a schematic with it? I'm curious how it does the ESR test. Does it specify how the test is performed - in particular the frequency at which it defines ESR?


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So I guess TP1,2 and 3 are the 3 test points. And it's impossible to tell what the computer is doing without the programming.


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There are a number of these modules now available cheaply from China.

I am currently awaiting a tester of 74XX and 4XXX chips.


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Thanks for posting it. I was looking for a cheap inductance meter, and even though the range is not as low as I'd like, the price of €10 surely is -paid €6 for the same display alone last year at my local electronics shop-.

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If you scroll down on the site in the link, there is an instruction PDF you click on to. This gives assembly instructions & a circuit diagram.


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Here: is a link to the original project, which was written in German, and the link translates it to English.

I actually bought one similar to this, but using SMT components and preassembled, elsewhere for around $20 USD. For the energy, time and cost it would take to build a piece of equipment with this much functionality from scratch, anything under $20 is a steal. So what if it's not accurate down to 5%; it's not really a precision instrument. It IS a very handy and very compact tester for a surprising variety of discrete components.

I recently picked up a MiniPro TL866CS; it not only programs a surprising array of microcontrollers/EEPROMs, it also can test a variety of 4000 and 74HCxx logic ICs - not as extensive in the logic ICs as I'd like, but they may provide for more of them in the future.


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I bought one maybe 6 months ago- not working. Saw it again today.
Then I bought another with 128x64 LCD, very useful for transistors and small capacitors and so on.

Highly recommended. Of course they dont include the firmware. Most are Atmel based.