Dishwasher Power Mod

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I’ll soon be moving from the UK (240V) to Japan (100V) and I want to take my dishwasher with me. Partially because the one I have is a good one but also because they are prohibitively expensive in Japan.

I have a 2000W transformer but unfortunately the dishwasher pulls 2070W quite happily for prolonged periods of time.

Now there’s a couple of ways I could go about this 1.) modify the dishwasher so that it only uses say 1900w.
2.) Modify it so it just works on 100V.

If I was going to plan one I could look at installing a different heating element or something like that or maybe there is a better way to make it use less power and just take longer or results in a lower temperature.

If I was going with plan two, I guess it’s probably only the heater and the pump (maybe motors too?) that actually rely on 240V.

Would be interested to hear ideas on this one. Thanks.