Discrete Power vs Three Phase Power?

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Hi everyone I am trying to build a drone I have been designing but I am trying to decide on the power system. (Not battery powered)

Although drones aren't my field I am having trouble understanding Discrete Power and Three Phase Power? What are they and what are the differences? Any input is immensely appreciated!


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First, describe what "discrete power" is.

How are you planning to get power to the drone?

How much power?

What is the max distance to the drone?


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Drones can draw very serious amounts of Current in short peaks.
The Peak-Current is the question that must be addressed first.

The only "3-Phase-Power" is created by the individual Motor-ESCs,
everything else is just plain old DC.

The Drone must be able to deal with the
substantial weight of the Wires that will be supplying it with Power.
This is a big problem.