Discharging a hv capacitor with thyristor or igbt

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Hi guys.
I have a 0.2 microF capacitor that im charging to 4 Kv with repetition rate of 1Khz with a suitable power supply.
I would like to chose a suitable thyristor or Igbt for discharging the cap on inductive load of 32.5microH corresponding at repetition rate of 1Khz. Could someone help me with choosing the right equipment ?


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At first wanted to say that at high Voltage there not exist any semiconductors except the diamond based, because with HV mostly is understood the 30...50...100 kV where 1 or 2 kV are labeled the low-Voltage stage.
But 4 kV has, even 10 has. One fast and readymade option, just brilliant except the price is "brick" of Behlke as an example HTS51, however bit costy. Other option is to take a three or four 1,7 kV carbide mosfets and use a serie avalanche circuit, however that is like pain in the a** to put in on the rails, and not much cheaper if count a big bunch of burned transistors. Third is "as our pre-fathers did" - just dumbly simple copper spark-gap what for 4 kV in air ought be about 2 mm ot in vacuum about 5 mm. And parallel to that gap is one hardly less as 100 pF but 10 kV capacitor, what is connected to 40,6 MHz Clapp oscillator circuit, giving out some 20 or more radiofrequency power. As soon the RF streamer will cause the ionizaton, the gap will convert to "wire", what is disrupted as soon as RF is switched off.
The last but not least is to try find a SiC transistor of 4,5...5 kV however commercially available are 1,7 to 2,2 kV. But at research articles such figures, it means somehow on special order such may be produced somewhere.