Disabling Current/voltage protection of atx smps

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Hi guys,
I have an smps which I need to power a car stereo. The smps is marked to supply 12v 15A which should be enough to power the stereo which need 12v 10A. I joined multiple yellow and black wires for output. But when I increase the volume little bit,the smps shuts down.i just connected a single speaker with low volume. Can anybody help me to disable the protection circuits of the smps.it has two ic's..AZ339p E1 and AZ7500BP..pls help..I am attaching data sheets and images .



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There is something that might help without risk. Connect a 10Ω 5W resistor to the 5V output. These supplies often do not like having no load on the 5V output.


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The Az500 is the same chip as TL494, pin 4 is the shutdown, it needs to be grounded to pin 7 for disable shutdown.

The LM339 is for over, under voltage, and shorting out of supplies to each other, which makes pin 7 High to shutdown the psu.

Before you do this, measure the current of your radio and see how much you can get before it shuts down. There maybe a fault on the current limit, wich is monitored using the pulse transformer Primary winding.