Direct-Line Phone over WiFi using Raspberry Pi

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Joined Jun 18, 2020
Hello, I am new here and new to making in general. I was wondering if anyone has heard of creating a Direct-Line Phone over WiFi using Raspberry Pi? I'm trying to do it and I have two questions :

1. Can I use a WiFi calling app to whitelist contacts and send all other calls to voicemail or auto reject the calls?
I know I can put Android OS on my Pi and use WhatsApp for WiFi calling. But it doesn't seem like WhatsApp will allow you to whitelist contacts so you don't get spam calls. Any suggestions on programs that do this?

2. Is there a program that will let me use a switch or button to auto dial a number?
I would like to set it up so that when a circuit is tripped through a switch or a button, the program autodials the number. I'm only planning on having one number in the system, so this could be an auto-redial program. I know this part is harder and I will probably have to program something myself from scratch.

Any input on if this has already been done or even ideas on how to do it with existing programs and codes would be greatly appreciated! Also, suggestions on where to find a cheap reliable switch / button would be helpful. Thanks!!