Digital Potentiometer

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Hello All,

I need help related to digital potentiometer.

As you can see in the attached image, I have used digital pot (AD8403) to adjust output voltage of Step Down Converter.

I would like to connect digi pot as per given figure B (it is must be connected given way).

I have two questions:
1. The way I have connected digi pot is it same as figure B? I am new to this subject, so I want to be sure.
2. If reset is performed on the digi pot, the output of the step down converter should not change or it should be approx same. In this case terminal W will connected to Terminal A or B ? Why?

It would be great if someone can help me. Thank you.



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Figure B shows a resistor (rheostat) not a potential divider (potentiometer). Might work but this is not the intended application of the AD8403. Why 4 in parallel?
When you say "reset", I presume you mean take /RS low? This will clear the 8-bit latch and set the potentiometer to zero position (W connected to B). So will change the output of the converter. There are some digital potentiometers that have internal EPROM storage of the setting so will retain the setting on power cycle.