Digital Electronics

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Depending on the choice of choice for a logic circuit, 4-bit input (N), connected, given three
is doing one of the operations.
a) F = 4N + X
b) F = MOD (N, X)
c) F = ABS (2N - 3X + 5)
* MOD is modulo operation.
** ABS is absolute value operation.
*** The value of X is accepted as 2 if the son of your student number is odd and 3 if the odd is double.
• The result of the entire transaction (F) is shown on the 7-segment display on the required page.
• Use the expression in minterm for all three functions, obtaining the truth tables of the circuit.
Note that it's a bit !!!)
• Circuitry using the appropriate decoder (s), multiplexer (s) (multiplexer) and the necessary logic gates
design and implement in Logisim software.