digital electronics

  1. ashokraj

    Is it better to specialize in one area( Hardware or software) or is it better to learn about everything(power electronics, Digital electronics, Analog

    Hi, In my first job I have worked as an Embedded systems engineer (with major focus on software) for 1.5 years. I am currently working as a hardware engineer for 2 years. Considering the long term success, is it better to specializing in one area( Specifically analog electronics or...
  2. ashokraj

    which scripting language is best for digital design engineer/Verification engineer.

    Hi, I am a Hardware engineer. My dream is to be a FPGA engineer/ Digital Design Engineer. I noticed that, some of the job descriptions have python/perl/tcl. When I did a preliminary research, Python seems to be very vast subject. Is there any specific topics I will have to focus on in python...
  3. James_1

    Role of the two diodes in this circuit ?

    So this is the circuit that I have . I managed to define what his function is. The last question that I had to answer is what role does the 2 diodes Dz and Dh have in our circuit ? I'm not quite sure whether they do have a specific function in this circuit or should I just give a general...
  4. S


    Hello cool people, I'm new to Proteus and overall designing digital electronic circuits. I have to design a 4 BIT ALU unit capable of adding, subtracting, multiplying using full and half adders, so the information has to enter by 2 registers of 4 bits type D, and have a selector system that will...
  5. mhananda

    Digital Logic Design Questions

    Can anyone help me answer these following questions? Thank you!
  6. Nemeçek

    Digital Electronics

    Depending on the choice of choice for a logic circuit, 4-bit input (N), connected, given three is doing one of the operations. a) F = 4N + X b) F = MOD (N, X) c) F = ABS (2N - 3X + 5) * MOD is modulo operation. ** ABS is absolute value operation. *** The value of X is accepted as 2 if the son of...
  7. F

    LTspice simulation of RLC discharge circuit using voltage controlled switch

    Hi, I would like to simulate the discharge curve of an initially charged photoflash capacitor into a RL load as shown below (with component parasitics): A few things to note: 1. photoflash capacitor (C1) is initially charged to 360V 2. a voltage controlled switch represents a microcontroller...