Digital Clock Using Logism

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Hey guys,

So basically I have designed a 24 hour clock on logism using modulo-10, modulo- 6 and modulo-3 circuits. Then i connected these subcircuits with a 7 segment decoder and made a digital clock. Now i have to be able to implement an alarm clock where the user can implement a chosen time to have the LED flash. They can turn it off with a button or keep it running for 30 seconds. I also need to add a count up/count down timer. Does anyone know how i can go about doing this?

Things to be noted:
This is all in logism ONLY
The sub modulus i refer to means that i have 6 sub circuits: so i have a modulo-10 circuit to signify 0-9 seconds, a modulo-6 circuit to signify 0-5 seconds and so on for the minutes and hours.

All help is appreciated! Thank you so much!!
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