Dielectric in a capacitor

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I have a problem in understanding how electric field works in capacitors with dielectric.

When we have a capacitor is has it's capacity when we add dielectric the capacity will increase. But how it works. When the capacitor covers (i don't know if I wrote it right) have the elektrons it creates a electric field, the dielectric component also creates a electric field that was induced. The dielectric field is opposed to the source field. The capacitor covers will accumulate more electrons and the covers will increase the electric field to balance the inside electric field BUT when the electric field increases the dielectric field will also increase. I don't get it where is the point where electric field inside the capacitor will be balanced to the field created by the dielectric.

I'm sorry if my english is pretty bad, I'll improve my english if anything is not understadable.

Also I'll post a picture about capacitors

Thank you for any help!