electric field

  1. B

    Creating own Electromagnets & Calculating the Forces between them

    So basically I’m trying to create my own electromagnets and conduct my own experiments. I’ll have an arduino microcontroller send a current into the wire that is coiled around the magnet, thus increasing the strength of the magnetic field, which in turn will touch with other magnets. I want to...
  2. T

    Field theory and electronics circuit

    Hello Guys, I was reading the article about the What is Electronics in the link : What is Electronics written by Ralph Morrison. I was stuck at the following paragraph called Field Theory. after reading it two times, I am still confused and could not describe with Maxwell equation what really he...
  3. Xenon02

    Dielectric in a capacitor

    Welcome !! I have a problem in understanding how electric field works in capacitors with dielectric. When we have a capacitor is has it's capacity when we add dielectric the capacity will increase. But how it works. When the capacitor covers (i don't know if I wrote it right) have the...