Did anyone else get an unsolicited email to AAC Writers

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Have no idea where this one came from. I'm on my phone; I have tools on my work system that'd let me anslyze the headers and links. So I can't do that now.

I didn't think the forum emailed or registered addresses unless we gave our permission? Like when following a thread or being notified of conversation activity?

Right now, we (the USA) arr being attacked from Vietnam with ransomware. So this email was disturbing.

Tim YB

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Sorry about that, I'm pretty sure that was my fault. If it was about an infographic, that was me. We get a lot of emails to the email on "Write for us" page and I accidentally replied to the group email for AAC contributor updates.Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't realize what happened until you made this post.

That list of emails is private, and we absolutely don't give those addresses out. I'm sorry if I gave anyone a scare.