Detect infrared codes from the remote controller

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    I have in my home an air conditioner and his remote controller that control by IR communication so when I touch one command in the remote controller the led of the remote controller become to flick in one frequency for example 100 flickers per second and this say for example to the air conditioner to up the temperature by 1 degree of celsius and if I touch other button for example to change to cold mode so the led flick in other frequency for example 500 flickers per second, I have the air conditioner remote controller (the sender), the air conditioner (the receiver) and universal remote controller for air conditioners but I don't know the codes )the frequencies of the led for every command) so I want to find it or to discover it so my question is how I can do it?
    Is exist one device that can detect the codes of the remote controller? if yes so I will glad if you can add a website about this
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    Jun 22, 2012
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    You need a Learning Universal Remote.
    Those can read the code from your air conditioner remote and then store them in memory so they can be repeated.
    Here are some examples (only the ones that say "Learning").
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    Do you just want to look at the signal? Or use it with another remote control, so you can replace the original remote?

    The Logitech remotes (Harmony) can learn, but they also can access a VERY large database of devices codes. This database grows as users find codes for their devices and upload the commands.

    Not every device is in the database and my hunch is that your air conditioner will not be there, but it could be worth a look.

    If you want just want to see the signal, you could use an IR detector and an oscilloscope.
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    You can research IR remote protocols here. I made a sub career out of this stuff when I worked for an audio equipment maker.

    I've written tons of code for receivers and may be able to dig some out for you if it will help.
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    While I have never had any desire to control my TV from my smart phone there is an app that does it. Not only the TV but set top box, DVD and just about anything else and that even includes air conditioners. My phone happens to be a Samsung Galaxy which while it does have an IR transmitter I believe lacks a receiver which precludes "Learning". I am thinking newer smart phones will likely have an IR Receiver to enable learning. While there are a few apps I like and use I figure 90% of this phone is wasted on me. :)

    Anyway, this is the app, from Google Play. Gets pretty good reviews. I use a free app that came bundled with the phone. :)

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