Designing of a induction heater

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Hello. I´m learning electronics, but I like the old times and I want to make a triode valve. I have everything, vacuum pump, spotwelder... the last thing I need is a induction heater to heat a titanium wire inside the triode to act as a getter and remove the residual gas inside the triode.

I have read about that topic and made 2 but they work well with ferromagnetic material but not with titanium wire. I don´t know wath frequency would work better for that aplication nor the power needed.

In this video the guy uses one what he says it 200 watts in 1:04:40

The titanium getter gets red how pretty quick. Can anyone help me with a induction heater that works at 12 volts (to use a car battery as power supply since it drains a lot of amps) and it is suitable for that aplication?

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