Designing BMS with bq769x0

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Hey guys.Im designing a battry management system(BMS) with 10 3.7v 2600mAh li ion with 5 cells in parallel and 10 of these parallel packs will be in series to provide 37 to 42 volts.
I want to use bq769x0 as the controller that needs a mcu to communicate with. I have also a bms board that uses this IC.
In the IC datasheet there is a schematics that has only bat+ and GND for connecting the battry terminals and pack+ and pack - gor connecting the load.
There are to low side series mosfets named charge and discharge fets.
My question is that how can i add the charger+ and charger- to charge the battries?
In the board i have there are 3 power mosfets: one of them is connected to the charger- and the charger + is connected directly to the pack+ pin.
When there are charge and discharge fets so in the charge time i have to turn on the charge fet and off the discharge fet?
Im a little confused.
I will appreciate that if you help me guys.
Any other suggestions for a bms will help me a lot.