Designing a voltage amplifier

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Hi, I need to design voltage amplifier using only bjt transistors.
Design constraints:
1. Max total resistance 5[Mega Ohm]
2. Max total capacitors 1[mF] (using parasite capacitors is forbidden)
3. Supply voltages are +5V, -5V
4. Power dissipation in the circuit will be less then 0.1W
5. Zero DC voltage at the output (+/- 0.2V error is allowed)
6. beta=100
(Unlimited number of stages is allowed)

Design goals:
55 dB gain, 3KHz-300KHz mid-frequencies range.
Rin~=52 [K Ohm]
Rout~=50 Ohm

I was thinking of various options:
1. Wrapping an CE stage (for the high gain) between CC stages.
2. Differential amplifier
3. Using something similar to the 741 circuit. I tried using this opamp with negative feedback but it has poor frequency response.

Could you please guide me through this?
Thanks a lot!