Designing a triangular wave generator

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Im asked to design a triangular wave generator which oscillates between 7.2V and 2.7V. As the Vmax and Vmin for the triangular wave which is integrator output are not equal, so I could not assume that |Vol| = |Vol| (Schmitt trigger compatator output) use the general circuit which consist of a non-inverting Schmitt trigger comparator and inverting integrator as shown below.

My duty cycle required is 0.5 ± 0.1%
frequency,focs = 4kHz
supply voltage = 12V (single supply operation)
Any idea and guide for me to proceed the work?


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The right output should be labeled "triout" not "sqout".

The relative values of R1 and R2 determine the Schmitt-trigger hysteresis, and thus the output voltage.
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