Designing a Replacement Circuit Board for My CNC

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I have a home built CNC machine that i built 8 years ago, a purchased some Hall Affect Sensors, which have worked great. I was forced 3 years ago to reverse engineer the sensors see image below since one of them stopped working and the original supplier has stopped making them. i was successful in doing so now the controller board has stopped working and i need to replace it. the sensor board is normally closed not open unlike a micro switch.

i have come up with this design, that uses RJ9 connectors, Active Invertors to flip normally closed to normally open. i also wanted to include a buck convertor to step down the voltage from my power supply 25volts to 5volts, plus i wanted some additional 5v capability and finally the ability to jump sensor output together i.e. x+ and x-.

I'm looking for a way to test the circuit since I'm not an electronics engineer. I do have a Gerber file for EasyEDA software see attached.






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What do you mean "By test the circuit" ?
The validity of the board, or the circuit design itself?
Do a simulation?
What model are the sensors?