Designing a Kitchen Timer using IC's and logic gates .

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Hello , I want to create a Kitchen Timer that has 3 input buttons : 'Start/Stop' , 'Set Minutes' , 'Set Seconds' .1)When you set minutes and seconds and press Start/Stop , the timer starts counting down until reach 00:00 on a BCD 7-segment Decoder ,activating an alarm(or just an simple led) .2)If the output is 00:00 and you press Start/Stop button it count up to 99:59 and then 00:00(and it stops).
Do I need 2 sets(1 set = 4 counters , 2 for minutes , 2 for seconds) of counters to produce the both cases?How to design propely?


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Cheaper to buy one than build one.
Are you building this to gain experience, or simply because you need a timer?


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Here is a video that describes a countdown timer similar to what you are wanting. The project was designed by another member here and built by me; it does a little more than what you want, but not much. As you can see, the project is a bit complicated, but it may help you understand why some of the responses recommend buying rather than building.


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I know that the idea of buying is better than building . I want to implement it to a FPGA so I need a basic scheme to see the internal process .


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In the FPGA library there should be a presettable decimal up/down counter with both carry and borrow signals, similar to a 74LS168. One set of four of these form the counting core of the circuit. Then add steering logic around them to handle the operational conditions.


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Most of them are done via specialty asic or mcu.
Kitchen timers have always been a popular page filler in various electronics hobby magazines.

There are probably PIC or AVR based variants in more recent issues.

Probably a few projects floating about the web too.