Design of voltage and current measuring circuit

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I need to design a circuit which is capable of measuring 90V for voltage with resolution of 0.01V and 30A for current with resolution of 0.1A . Is there any ready made IC for this purpose or any circuit which I can use?
You need to give more details about the application. We can't merely choose an IC.

1. What do you want to achieve by measuring voltage and current? Protection? Display?
2. Where are you going to take those measurements? Load current? Input/Output voltage?


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To get that resolution requires a digital converter, so a 0.01V resolution of 90V is 13.2 bits.
A 16-bit A/D converter should be sufficient for both the voltage and current measurement.


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Do you work with micros, write C ?

1) Room temp application or wide T range ?
2) Desired measurement rate ?
3) What happens to the data, do you display/export/store/wireless/bluetooth.....?
4) Power consumption a consideration ?
5) What power supplies do you have to power the measurement circuit ?
6) Current a low or high side measurement ?
7) AC or DC measurements ?

Just a thought, when you seek help a thoughtful and detailed description will save you
and us a lot of time, and make both of us very efficient.

Regards, Dana.