Design of Gate Driver for CMOS

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Hi guys ! i am in trouble and expecting a solution from experts. For your kind consideration, I have attached a picture which is enough to demonstrate my problem. kindly see the attached file. Waiting for your kind response . Thank You so much



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In your second partial schematic, what was used? The part you cropped from the left side. There would be drive components there.


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The solution may be very different depending do that is comparator having say 500 femtosecond speed or just most cheapest of about 1 microsecond. Anyway, irf530 in contrast of 510 may not overshoot some teen MHz barrier, at least many years ago I capitulated trying to overclock it over 28 MHz, so ANY cheap transistor booster will be just what You need. For example if we speak about serious FETs, or more prost for Your case as