design a sequential network

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hai everyone, anyone please help me how to implement a sequential network using mod16 up/down counter that have following state equations s(t+1) = s(t) if x=0 / [s(t)+1]mod10 if x=1 / s[(t)-1]mod8 if x=2 and z(t)=s(t)

pls anyone help me
i am not much better in designing circuits
i was little cnfused in solving this
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You need to show YOUR best attempt to solve YOUR homework. That is what will give us enough to go on in order to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and to try to give you some hints to lead you in the right direction.

Also, don't be impatient. It often takes hours or even days to get a response -- remember that the people here have lives away from the internet, too.

First, it would be helpful if you describe your system better. I'm assuming that s(t) is the system state and it appears that x is a multi-bit input. But what is z(t). We are NOT mind readers.