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Chad Klump

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Hello my name is chad and this is my first post. I have a 60 gallon 5 HP air compressor. The head gets very hot when it is faced with continuous use. I added a fan on top to cool it but I want the fan to keep running after the compressor shuts off. Right now it is hooked to the pressure switch so it kicks the fan on at 100 psi and it shuts off when it reaches 135 psi.

The compressor and the fan are 240 Volt. I want to be able to run the fan from 1-20 min. When I it 90 degrees out I want it to run for 20 min but I think that will be the most.

Here is what I am looking at. If this will work what kind of box should I mount it in? pdfs/10IC_11/11_27.pdf

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Get a Klixon thermostat(like this) rated for 240Vac. Is that 90degC or 90degF? (This is an international forum).

You dont need a timer. The thermostats have enough hysteresis to delay the turn off.
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