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Hey everyone!
I’m new to electronics and it has taken hold. I’m trying to build a game using a 555 timer for the pulse and three (3) cd40110be to drive m:ss 7seg display. I’m trying to figure out how to preset the 10s led to 5 (m:S*s) so it counts down. The game will have 4 exposed wires (jumpers/ header jumpers) that can be “cut”.
Wire: 1 will speed up the clock if cut
Wire : 2 will turn off the display
Wire: 3 will stop the clock
Wire: 4 will “set it off”

I have most of it working on a bread board, but could use some help. I’m trying to keep from using a microcontroller. I’ve had some experience with arduino (via: Paul Mcwhorter) from youtube but would like to keep it limited to chips without programming involved.


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I think you mean CD4510 and CD4511

the CD4510 can be preloaded with the Latch. You can hard wire the preloaded value to Highs and Lows and found down from there. PE enable pin let's you grab that preload value. Use the Up/Down pin as the count down.