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Hey Guys! I'm a software engineer myself and I know keeping fit can be a challenge.

What are your two biggest challenges when it comes to losing weight and keeping in good shape ?


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Weight is primarily determined by how much you eat (perhaps excluding Olympic swimmers).

For me, losing and maintaining weight in the Summer is very easy. I am outdoors a lot of the time. In the Winter, it's much harder as the refrigerator is much more convenient.

Glenn Holland

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I'm at the other end of the weight spectrum. I'm 5"- 11"" and I cannot gain anything above 165 Lbs.

Nothing changes in the winter when I can't get outside much. I've had several medical checkups and they can't find anything wrong either. So unless I'm contracting some kind of health problem, I should just let the problem slide.

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Lol, wrong place.. Sorry!

If you guys don't mind, Could you let me know if these challenges apply to you (I gathered them from talking to people)

1)Being drained and having no energy after having worked for hours ? People rather relax, have a beer or two than to workout.
2)Having tried diet/fitness regiments that didn't workout for you for whatever reason ? And if so, why do you think that is ?
3)Is time an issue ? Do you believe that without exercising for long hours, you can't get results but you don't have time for it.