Decoupling caps for adjacent op amps

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I've got an audio circuit that uses multiple op amps (OPA2134). Some of these are physically adjacent to each other on the PCB - literally end-to-end. So the two V+ and the two V- pins of two adjacent chips are only a few millimeters apart. In this scenario, can two adjacent chips share the same 100 nF decoupling caps?


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When it's convenient to position multiple ICs end-to-end I normally
plan on leaving enough space between Chips to fit a 100nF Cap in between, and on each end.
The Power-Rails are then run side-by-side on the "inside" of all the Chip-Legs.

Doing several "re-do's" on the layout of all the Components is usually a worthwhile endeavor.


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Often it depends on the application as to the decoupling requirements. If the application is unknown and cost and area do not matter then include all of the decoupling capacitors. Using lower impedance power traces or larger value caps is an alternate option also.
Knowing the application of the circuit one is designing is usually very useful.