Decoupling and flyback diodes

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I have been reading my old threads concerning my now old "Jumping Jack Santa"-project and I have to salute you all for contributing to the threads and trying to make me learn and understand electronics. Fortunately I now understand much more of what you wrote then. At least I think I do.

The circuit now looks like the attached diagram.

I have been looking into decoupling before in this project and also put in fly-back diodes. It just didnt seem to have the effect I was hoping and the flyback diodes burned out.

I would like to grap into this matter again if you would please guide me where to put in caps and with which values and where to put in flyback diodes and which ones.

Thank you in advance.


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That circuit doesn't seem to have any flyback diodes. Where were they connected when they burned out?
Sorry I dont remember any more. This version doesnt have any yet.

Put the flyback diodes across the motor coil, Cathode to Positive.
Ordinary 1N4007 will do.
The current runs in the direction from anode to cathode right? so the cathode connects to positive lead on servo and anode to negative lead on servo? I just need to understand this correctly.

The circuit looks like it uses an RC servo (TS to confirm, please) which will not need an external flyback diode.
If you mean RC as in a servo motor normally used for radio controlled models then yes it is a RC servo.

I have this one and this one.

Dont they need flyback diodes?
So how about decoupling capacitors in this circuit?