Decoding 433.92mhz remote

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    Oct 24, 2014
    Hi guys, loving the look of this forum and look forward to using it. If anybody can help me with a current project I am working on that would be great.

    I have an "Owl wireless power strip" which can turn on outlets wirelessly using a 433.92mhz remote control.
    I am trying to decode the signals that are sent from the remote so I can replicate the bitstream from an arduino and thus control the device via a webpage for example.

    I tried using rtl_433 in linux to try and automatically decode it for me but nothing appeared when I pressed buttons on the remote. Is the remote perhaps on a different modulation type than my 433 recevier?
    Hooking up a 433 receiver to a breadboard and checking the serial monitor for any output also never displayed any data.

    I recorded the transmission of "button 4" using SDR# and audacity. Can anybody decode this waveform or at least shed some light on a possible route for me to take? I am finding it difficult to work out which modulation it is using and what the actual datastream is... ( new to radio stuff - and arduino! )

    Thanks guys!