de-humidifier........4 prong tactile power switch (bypass)-(mod)

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After looking online at shcematics of this tactile switch, I thought i could bypass it with a simple short wire solder job.
This of course didnt work :/
I have some knowledge of electronics but clearly not enough :/

My goal is to bypass this tactile power switch and have the de-humidifier turn on as soon as its plugged in and switched on from the wall socket.
The settings seem to always be in memory regardless, e.g humidity level and fan speed etc.

After seeing the schematic of the tactile switch which seemed simple, I proceeded to solder a short wire from one side of the switch to the other, that being said, before doing this i checked continuity first of all 4 prongs in which 2 already showed continuity and also the opposite 2 also had continuity.
So i Joined these together.

Upon doing this the de-humdifier turned on and off and on and off then something clicked in my novice brain, It's a TACTILE button.

So my question is, which i guess you've already gathered. I'd like to bypass the tactile switch and power on from wall plug only if possible.

If you would like to know why...........I have a humidifier and de-humidifier and a controller with a 2 plug relay, and while the humidfier turns on from the controller the de-humidfier only gets supplied power to the be turned on manually with that Damn tactile switch :(

It's an old unit btw but any help would be much appreciated.
Thank You :)

I will be also happy to upload pictures of the pcb if no ifo can be found readily online.


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Ok so no reply on a solution and I'm betting its tricky with some kinda microcontroller programming needed etc.
But anyhow i've come up with a different idea.


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Hi, I am struggling to do the same! Currently I have a small dehydrator plugged to a controller which monitors humidity in a meat curing fridge. I wanted it to kick on when humidity <70%RH but it also requires to be manually turned on by the power button.

Did you have to replace the type of switch?