DC voltage division circuits, kirchhoffs and ohms law

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8957f8d439d10f5c89bf5887e7e2338f.pngThese are the questions and I don't want someone to just give me the answer. I just genuinely dont understand the questions or where to begin with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. if someone could explain what RL<<R2 and RL>>R2 means as well that would be nice


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hi Kelko,
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Please post your best attempt at answering, we can then help.

<< means a lower value and >> a higher value.

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Think about it .... How would you represent the equation for R2 and RL in parallel? Substitute that equation for every occurrence of R2 in the equation you provided int post #1


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Here is how to begin.

Without using actual numerical values, write out every equation you can think of using algebraic variables, Vs, R1, R2, R3.
Use Vs instead of V1.
Reserve V1 for voltage across R1, V2 for voltage across R2, V3 for voltage across R3.
Use I1 for current flowing in R1, etc.