DC motor electric motorcycle project

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Hello from Finland!

I was wondering does someone have some information about this motor that i got my hands on. I'm about to make a electric motorcycle with it and I have some problems.

First of all some info about the motor.
Part no. : 40844 140-01-4007B
Volt D. C. : 12/24
Class H
Rating : AU2500 6-9-13

The things I need to know is what kind of dc regulator I need to connect with it so that it would be easy to regulate the speed of the e-bike?

Is it possible to use the motor step-free from 0v dc to 24 volts or even bigger voltage for example 36 volts?

How many amperes does the motor withstand and how many rpm s could I achieve with it? And according to this should I use two 12v batteries or one 24 volt one? And what kind of a battery would be the Best one for the Job. Or even more volts, then the amperes wouldn't get so high.

Its a crazy and weird project but i'm sure it will be lots of fun. I'll put a picture of the motor with this post so you guys know exactly what kind of motor it is. All info I have is that its been used in a man lift (hydraladder) as a hydraulic pump motor. Thanks a lot for your time and I promise to send a pic from the completed project.

Thank You, hope to hear from you soon!

Arttu Jauhiainen
Turku, Finland





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19kg! far too heavy for a motorbike, plus all that weight is going to be on one side or other unless you have an intermediate cross-bike idler shaft or arrange as shaft drive to rear wheel through a gearbox.... basically wrong motor for job... most electric motorcycles use a hub motor or, if a frame motor, something like this

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